Conducting the Review

Reviewers should consider the following important factors:

• The article should align with the reviewer’s area of expertise.

• Sufficient time should be dedicated to reviewing the article, taking into account time constraints.

• The manuscript must not be shared with anyone without authorization.

• Different perspectives exist, so it is crucial to ensure that the review aligns with both the content of the article and the journal’s requirements.

• Comments provided should be reasonable and supported by logical reasoning.

Communicating your report to the editor

• When writing the report, focus on the key aspects of the article without making it excessively long.

• It is essential to assess the article’s alignment with the journal’s standards.

• Share the report with the editor.

• When making recommendations (whether to reject, accept, or suggest revisions), consider general observations as well.

Deadline for completion of peer-review

Timely review and publication provide professional advantages, so meeting deadlines and submitting the report within the designated time frame is crucial. The process of reviewing the article and providing recommendations should be completed within 10 days. Exceeding this timeframe may lead to delays in the editor’s decision and subsequent publication, which is not desirable.